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Utha Utha Sakal Jana – Shri Sai Pooja Archana – Free Download

Free Download of Shirdi Sai Baba Bhajans Ringtones MP3 Hindi Tamil Telugu Gujarati Marathi | www.shirdisaibababhajans.com
This bhajan is a request to all to wake up as it’s dawn and new day has started. This request is also to Lord Sai Baba Who is ever vigilant about His devotees’ welfare and never sleeps, but out of love for Him devotees make such a request to Him

This is last and twelfth track from Album – Shri Sai Pooja Archana sung by Shailendra Bharti & Anupama Desh Pandey.

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Upcoming Track: First Track of Album – Hai Ye Pawan Shirdi Yahan Bar Bar Aana

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